Electronic Filing For Lobbying Annual Reports

Electronic Filing for Annual Reports is now mandatory. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO FILE ELECTRONICALLY.

NOTE: Your annual filing is not completed until it is uploaded and you have received a confirmation number. Inserting your Registration Number and PIN and having your name displayed on the form does not mean that your form is filed. Read all of the Steps to Filing Electronically found below.

The staff of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is available to provide website assistance every Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. exclusive of State holidays, by calling (609) 292-8700, or, toll free (within New Jersey) at 1 (888) 313-ELEC (3532).

Steps to Filing Electronically

Avoid Internet congestion and possible delays. Due to the large volume of expected filers, the Commission suggests that you file your report early.

plus Prerequisites

Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer.

  • Please click on the icon (Get Adobe Reader) to go to the Adobe Website for a FREE download of Acrobat Reader. Once at the Adobe site, close all other Internet connections. After installing or upgrading to Adobe’s latest version, return to the Commission’s website to continue.

A registration number and PIN are required.

  • To participate in the electronic filing program complete the application for a Registration ApplicationREGISTRATION NUMBER AND PIN. The application is a fillable and saveable form; however, it cannot be filed electronically. THE REGISTRATION NUMBER AND PIN ARE NOT PRODUCED AUTOMATICALLY AT THIS WEBSITE.
    • The registration number and PIN will be sent via email within the next business day of our receipt of this application.
    • The registration number and PIN, when combined together, will take the place of your signature allowing you to file electronically.
    • When entered on an electronic form they will return the signer's name.
    • Signers may include, but are not limited to, a governmental affairs agent, a represented entity or a person who conducts “grassroots lobbying” or their representative, who has authority to sign reports on their behalf.
    • The registration number and PIN are being assigned to you as a person, and are used in place of your written signature and, as such, are totally unrelated to any lobbying entity, annual reporting date or year, or other such criteria.
    • The registration number and PIN can and should be used for as many years as you are required to file reports with the Commission.
    • Any person covered by the “Legislative and Governmental Process Activities Disclosure Act,” who would normally sign a report must complete and submit an application to receive a registration number and PIN.

  • If you received a registration number and PIN because you filed campaign, political party or PAC financial activity reports electronically, you don’t need to register again. Use the same registration number and PIN you already have to file any electronic report with the Commission.

plus The Filing Process
  • Create a folder either on your desktop or some other location where all of the annual lobby forms will be saved. This is an important step that is necessary at a later time in the process. Give the folder a name, such as “ELEC_Lobby” for easy reference. Download and save the form(s) to this folder giving it an easily recognizable file name.

  • To gain access to the filing page, you must enter a valid registration number and PIN.

  • Enter all of the information on the filing page and select the completed form to be filed. Click on SUBMIT.

  • You must confirm the form being filed. Did you “Upload” the correct form? After verifying that you have uploaded the correct form, click on Continue.

  • A confirmation receipt will be generated upon successful filing. It is important to print and save a copy of the confirmation page with your records.

  • If filing multiple forms, wait for the confirmation number for each one before beginning the upload process again.
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