Annual Lobbying Forms and Instructions


Adobe Acrobat Reader MUST be used to fill-in and submit the Annual Lobbying Forms.

Even though there are other programs or software such as Foxit Pro and Nitro that will allow you to open, fill-in and save the Annual Lobbying Forms, the Commission has found that using these other programs will corrupt the Annual Lobbying Forms and make them unable to be processed by the Commission’s system. Therefore, in order to complete the filing process without corrupting the forms, the Annual Lobbying Forms must first be opened and saved to your computer using the Official “Free Adobe Reader.” This free reader software can be downloaded from the Adobe site at

Only then can you download and use the forms without risk of having your filing rejected. Unfortunately, when  forms have already been opened in one of these other programs they will need to be discarded and new forms downloaded and opened only in Adobe Reader.

The Adobe Reader is compatible with all PCs and MACs. Download the Free Adobe Reader HERE >>.

To make sure you are using the correct program, after opening the forms, the top left of the forms will show the form name followed by either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro (see images below)

  Adobe Acrobat Reader Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Special Intructions for Chrome Users  Special Instructions for Chrome Users

Note that the Adobe Forms used by the Commission for the electronic processing of the Annual Lobbyist Filings have integrated security procedures to prevent viruses, as well as other malicious activities from infecting a computer. Due to these security measures, electronically signing the forms requires that the signer follow a number of steps to confirm the validity of the form. This process, referred to as “Trusting the Document” is therefore necessary in order to electronically sign the form. Follow the “Step-by-step instructions to enable the “Trust This Document” security feature to accept the Registration Number & PIN and display the signature.”

ALERT! These instructions must be followed for successful electronic filing.

Signature Instruction Video View this short video to show you how to successfully sign the annual lobbying forms.

Trust Document Instructions Step-by-step instructions to enable the “Trust This Document” security feature to accept the Registration Number & PIN and display the signature >>

Name Form Instructions Description
L1-L Form L1-L - Electronic Form L1-L Instructions Annual Report of Represented Entity
L1-A Form L1-A - Electronic Form L1-A Instructions Annual Report of Governmental Affairs Agent
L1-G Form L1-G - Electronic Form L1-G Instructions Annual Report of Communication with the General Public
L-2 Form L2 - Electronic Form L-2 Instructions Designation of Governmental Affairs Agent
L-3 Form L3 - Electronic Form L-3 Instructions Certification of consent to service of process and submission to Jurisdiction in the State of New Jersey

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader