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Civil War Service Records, 1861-1865

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This database provides access to 82,467 name entries in an electronic version of Adjutant General William S. Stryker's two-volume Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War, 1861-1865, which was originally published by the State of New Jersey in 1876. The electronic version is hosted on the website of the New Jersey State Library. The New Jersey State Archives gratefully acknowledges the State Library for providing this valuable resource, and for permitting the Archives to link our database to their web pages.

There is an account of the creation of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War in the text of the book. Reproduced there are the Joint Resolution No. 9 (April 6, 1871), which initiated the process of compiling these Civil War records, and Stryker's Report of the Adjutant General (July 4, 1876), which details the evolution and completion of the project.

The database may be searched by any combination of last name, first name, and/or regiment or service. To see the page on which a solider is recorded click the "page" link. Where Stryker has included a regimental description there is a "description of regiment" link, and where Stryker provided no description, such as for out-of-state regiments or the United States armed forces, there is a link to the "first page of the section". (See Stryker's Table of Contents for a of complete list of New Jersey regiments, U.S. and other states' regiments, and cemeteries. The original back-of-the-book Name Index is also available for browsing).

The New Jersey State Archives provides reference, search and copy services only for those regimental records held in our collections. These include New Jersey militia, infantry and cavalry regiments, New Jersey artillery batteries, and a limited number of United States Colored Troops regimental records. (We will search and advise about additional holdings in other Civil War Collections. See: Civil War Collections referenced in our catalog.) Entries referencing available regimental records include a "Select" link, and are marked "Available at NJ Archives".

Records not available at the New Jersey State Archives are marked "Not Available".  These records are included for the convenience of further research, and the New Jersey State Archives provides no reference services for these records.

Please note: While Stryker's Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War is a very inclusive reference guide to New Jersey's Civil War servicemen, in rare instances records may not be found in regimental collections. Search and copy fees are not refundable.

For information about ongoing efforts to preserve and maintain the Civil War collections at the New Jersey State Archives, see Civil War Grant Project. See also, the Civil Treasury War Vouchers database for additional documentation of soldiers' and survivors' pay, wartime procurements and subsistence pay to families.

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