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 New Jersey's Early Land Records, 1650-1801

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This database indexes warrants and surveys of the proprietors of the provinces of East and West New Jersey, and the state of New Jersey, from 1650 through 1883: the vast majority of records date between 1668 and 1801.  It includes many of New Jersey's earliest extant land records.  The database indexes over 120 volumes of land records, including East Jersey Survey Books L (1675-1688) and O (1670-1716) and Liber II (1670-1727) (referred to as "Carteret's Conveyances"),  which have not previously been indexed in any published source. Initial data entry from the index is complete.

The database currently includes approximately 22,583 land records and 70,515 name entries. We will continue to refine entries, adding and correcting personal names and locations, as we review the original deeds.

Please note that most deeds filed after 1785 were recorded with each county clerk’s office, and not with the State. County land records are not included in this database.

The database automatically cross-references known and common surname spelling variations as they appear in records.  A search on the surname "Bound", for example, will retrieve the records of the "Bowne" family, a well-documented spelling variation.   Note that, while an effort was made to add variant spellings, the index does not attempt to account for all possible surname variants.  Names in the "Description and Location" field are spelled as they appear in the original records only when the original records have been reviewed: this does not include the majority of records currently in the database. Most names and locations in the database are limited to how they appear in the index. The original records often include additional names, places, and other information. Note also that Indian land may be found by searching on "Indian" in either the name or location fields.

For more information on the records of the New Jersey Proprietors please consult our catalog and guide:

Non-Governmental Records - East and West Jersey Proprietors

Using the Records of the East and West Jersey Proprietors

You may search by any combination of Last Name, First Name, Location, County, and/or Years.  You may also limit by gender and/or corporate name types.

To truncate a search term, do a keyword search, remove the ending of the word, and add an asterisk (*) to the end of the word.

Result sets are limited to 500 records.  Multiple searches may be required to return all possible combinations. Records may be sorted by clicking on the title of each column.

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